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Old Beginnings

Old Beginnings

Anyone who has followed my career or seen my early work knows I began with flowers.  When I started painting my subject matter consisted of flowers or still life's with flowers in them.  I truly loved the process - seeking out a garden or park to take photographs to use as reference for my art. 
I started painting in black and white to focus on shadow, tone and composition.  Later I would paint these same flowers in color.  Now I could practice movement and color theory.  It is probably to that time that I owe my use of bright, bold colors to today. 

I am still inspired by nature (see my latest tree series) and will paint the occasional floral.  My love of color and textured steered me towards working more abstract and conceptually. 

Over the years of painting and photography I decided to marry the two.  Since I had so many of these reference photos it seemed an easy start.  After some trial and error I began merging these photos with my more current paintings and other digital elements.  It is such a great way to pay homage to my beginnings in a fresh way.

I've decided to share these mashup photographs and offer signed, limited edition prints.  You can see them here.  Enjoy!

-Elizabeth Moran