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Landscape Series Introduction

Landscape Series Introduction

As an artist, I feel as though I constantly need to evolve.  What inspires me today may not inspire me next month or even next week. Although I truly enjoy painting abstracts and have for several years now, I need to expand my reach.
I am continuing to work in acrylic but have taken on landscapes for about the last three months.  I feel like that transition was so natural and a great next step. My abstract work is very bold, using heavy texture and wide expanse of color.  My landscape collection is be somewhat opposite. Using smooth strokes and many thin layers of color I’m achieving a more gestural work of art. I feel like sometimes less can be more and it shows in the new body of work.
These new landscapes are still somewhat abstract.  I believe that art should take an image or a thought or feeling and try to have the viewer to see it differently.  Art for me is seeing the world differently and in a unique light.  
I have more ideas to expand on both my landscape and abstract series and love to have my viewers along this journey.  Below are some of my newest landscape paintings. They all measure 14”x14”. I like working on a smaller scale as it allows me to produce more work and let my ideas flow.
Seascape PaintingMorning Mist Landscape PaintingYellow and Grey Landscape PaintingSurf Side Landscape Painting


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Feb 20, 2019

I hope everyone enjoys this post and feels inspired! Let me know your thoughts on the new series or what your working on.


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